Online platforms lend a helping hand to GNDEC students(MOODLE)

In view of the advisories and instructions released by the Punjab Government against the spreading of Coronavirus, Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College is taking all requisite precautionary measures.In view of Govt. directions, for closure educational institutes,GNDEC  is making various efforts to compensate the loss of studies.

Dr. Sehijpal Singh, Principal,GNDEC, has instructed the teaching faculty to be in constant contact with the students through online platforms. He said that all the departments’ Heads have been instructed to adopt e-learning measures to reach the students.

Further for the success of these measures, He instructed that the faculty must ensure that they remain connected  with the students through a Learning content management system (LCMS). Dr. H.S Rai,  Controller of Examination and HOD said ‘The faculty has also been advised to keep the e-accounts prepared so that these can be shared with the students accordingly. He elaborated that the professors are interacting with students through two way communication platform – known as MOODLE.Faculty find ease in sharing quiz, assignments and other other course related materials on this app and can readily address to the queries of the students’

 Principal further shared SWAYAM website and NEPTEL portal are helping in big way to the students and teachers for self learning. The e-learning efforts are encouraged as a constant effort of learning as per UGC guidelines also. The remote e-learning has been found to be the best method to deal with curricula requirements in the modern learning.