GNDEC Students make vehicle conversion kit

Keeping in tune with the spirit of innovation, students of Electrical Engineering Department GNDEC have developed a conversion kit for converting an Internal combustion powered engine (IC) to Electric  vehicle. This low cost innovation would not only save the costly fuel but also help in reducing the carbon emissions and thus help in preserving the environment.  Team comprising of Puneet Singh Bedi , Sukhpreet Singh, Mayank Bakshi, Rajat Tyagi, Riaz Mohammed and Arunjot Singh, all students of final electrical worked on this project.   A brushless DC motor with a frequency controller was used n the project. The projects guides Er. Kuldeep Singh and Er. Baljeet Singh Ahluwalia, claimed that this is very economical model. The vehicle saves precious fuel since it is working on electrical charge. With one charge the vehicle is able to travel a distance of approximately 100km with a top speed of 40km/hr. Dr. Kanwardeep Siingh, HOD, Electrical engineering department and Dr. Arvind Dhingra, Project incharge applauded the efforts of the students in making an innovative project. Dr. Sehijpal Singh, Principal, GNDEC said that students would be given seed money to scale up the prototype and convert it into a business model at STEP- Science &Technology Entrepreneurs Park, The incubation arm of college.