GNDEC to go green to save environment

Environment sustainable initiatives have been undertaken by Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College (GNDEC) under the guidance of its principal,Dr.Sehjpal Singh.

The foremost being the instalation of a sewage treatment plant for treating domestic wastewater by Absolute Water Private Limited. The treatment plant has a feed flow of 20.8 m3 per hour, produces quality water for use into gardening, recovers the usage of fresh water, and conforms to the latest norms of the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) and the Punjab Pollution Control Board (PPCB). The plant has a capacity of 500 KLD and is capable of converting waste water from canteen, hostels, academic blocks, staff quarters and laboratories into a reusable form.

The green initiatives also include a water harvesting plant of a capacity of 3000 to 4000 litres. This dynamic plant, built in the 2015, uses a simple technology of rain water recharging via roof top, leaving negligible investment in collection of harvesting water.

“Well, GNDEC has one of its kind rooftop. A grid-connected solar power plant has been instaled on the rooftop. Two plants of capacity of 150KW and 100 kW cater to the loads of the MBA block and administrative block, respectively. It is also proposed to instal more such units in the parking area and drawing halls, converting the college into 70 per cent green institute of the region alone,” said Sehjpal Singh.