GNDEC- School of Architecture enhances the virtual classroom with inclusion of Series of Webinars

With the current situation of lockdown, it seems that the entire world come to a virtual halt.Though efforts are constantly been taken to come out of this problem, much is being done to enhance both mental and spiritual stamina’s.The call for today’s education has also shifted its pivot from ‘classroom learning’ to ‘online training modules’.There is no better time than this to move beyond the customary educational practices.

Keeping this trend alive, GNDEC- School of Architecture has already initiated their conduct of online classes as per the pre-arranged schedule, through data sharing, virtual classroom sessions and audio visual presentations.To boost up the spirit of architecture in students and to open wide realm of knowledge, series of webinars are being conducted and are further planned down the lane till the lockdown persists. Experts from diverse disciplines have come up in support during this pandemic and are contributing out of their diverse expertise

Ar.Harpreet Singh, Principal Architect, Informed Lines Design Studio, Surrey, BC, Canada had put some light on the procedures to get license to practice Architecture in Canada and also the Canadian design and Construction Techniques. Ar.Saptarshi Kolay, Assistant Professor, IIT – Roorkee gave a see through about a journey of Architecture with his worthy exposures. He talked about the importance and need to study History of Western Architecture and also detailed out its features. To add to that Ar. Sanjeev Kumar, Post Graduate in Sustainability from University of Nottingham, U.K shared his research on Climate Responsive Design Strategies. 

Ar.Sahil Khan, Senior Director- Design and Technical Services, South Asia Radisson Hotel Group, and Ar. Rahul Saini, Author of many best sellers, discussed the ways for bridging Industry Academia gaps. They also enlightened the students on ‘Conceptualization of Design and Critical Thinking’.

Stress was also laid upon communicating the ideas to stakeholders by Dr. Ashwini Rana, Associate Professor and Research Guide in Department of English, CTU Ludhiana.To conclude, Ar.Vivek Sehgal, HOD-GNDEC School of Architecture applauded the entire faculty who had worked really hard to convoy such an extensive crew on a common platform and thanked all the experts who enlightened the students with their insights. He considers that such conclaves will condition the students for the comprehensive construction industry.