GNDEC students develop Smart Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Innovation is a boom when utilized in an effective manner. With such vision in mind, final year Electronics Engineering students of Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College (GNDEC) came up with an ‘automatic hand sanitizer dispenser’; the much-needed call of the hour.

MONTEKPAL SINGH, final year ECE student disclosed that the automatic hand sanitizer dispenser is made using MAKE IN INDIA theme with parts manufactured from local markets. Main features include its capability of detecting the distance from the person’s hands with the use of sensors and microcontroller. It has features like easy refillable tank and smart controlled spray system which will allow the use of sanitizer efficiently without any wastage. Furthermore, the system is tested vigorously for any problems and reliability issues. Irrespective of day or night, the programmed sensor would detect the presence of hands from a particular distance conveniently.

Prof. Shivmanmeet Singh, under whose guidance the project was framed, mentioned that the features of the sanitizer dispenser could be enhanced in the form of automatic disinfecting chamber. He mentioned that the sanitizer dispenser was built using sturdy materials and its advanced features makes it more reliable as compared to the already available sanitizer dispensers in the market.

Professor Ameeta Seehra, HOD, ECE, feels proud by the efforts put in by the students. Principal Dr. Sehijpal Singh, commented that with a market flooded with such products, innovation from our students is sure to transform the trends by creating such low cost and useful products.