It is rightly said “what is a nation without a mother tongue” and that’s how we identify ourselves. To mark the importance of this auspicious occasion which is on 21st February, GNDEC took pride in celebrating international Mother’s Day in the college auditorium on 18th Feb 2020.

The seminar educated the audience about the importance, challenges and solutions that can be traced out by communicating in mother tongue. For the same, two very renowned experts were invited to usher their thoughts on the virtuous topic.Dr. Sewak Singh, former professor Punjabi university Patiala the first expert spoke about the role of mother language in mental developments of the child. By birth, a child learns, understands, speaks and most importantly expresses in mother tongue. And that’s what effects his mental growth.

These thoughts were further carried forward by the second expert, S. Mehtab Singh, Research Fellow Punjab University Chandigarh. He also laid a very informative insight to the Gurmukhi Lippi and told about its history and how future will see Punjabi as one of the strongest medium of communication all over the world.

Dr. Sehijpal Singh, Principal, GNDEC, shared his views on the occasion, saying  that  complete knowledge of mother tongue is essential for every person to progress in their life. He also thanked the experts for cultivating the students and staff of GNDEC with wonderful facts about Maa Boli. Thereafter, to conclude the session was a round of question and answers for the students in which the deserving answers were rewarded with the gifts.