GNDEC conducts motivational session for students.(Stretch and Spread is the mantra for Success: expert)

Continuing in its pursuit of giving the best to the students, the Technical Activity Committee of GNDEC conducted an online motivational workshop under the aegis of TEQIP-III by IIM-Ahmadabad, Alumnus Er Gagandeep Singh. He is an internationally acclaimed corporate and motivational trainer. Having spend his years in Mitsubishi in the profile of recruiting people, he held a captivating workshop which was interspersed with mind teasing games. Welcoming the speaker, Dr Arvind Dhingra , Chairman, TAC said that these were tough times and we need to remind ourselves that we can overcome them. In this direction this workshop was being organized. Er. Gagandeep cited a number of examples of successful people including Amitabh Bachan, Steve Jobs, Sachin Tendulkar and Abraham Lincoln giving details as to how these people failed at nurmerous occasions and yet they stretched themselves out of their comfort zones to start afresh and reach the pinnacle of success. He advised the students to aim high and set goals which they could see as challenge. In order to accomplish the goals he suggested to manage time effectively. He cited the V.U.C.A concept of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity in present times in which the present day youth are embroiled. In order to become leaders in turbulent times, the students need to come up with developing professional skills and continue to upgrade themselves.  The three main challenges post Covid-19 era would be Technology Disruption, Automation and Globalization to Nationalization. We must find out ways to fight these challenges and grab the opportunities in jobs as well as entrepreneurship ventures. He cautioned the students against developing the tunnel vision. To develop macro vision, he gave mantra of PRINCE: Purpose, Resolve, Intuitions, Notions, Courage and Enthusiasm. In his message to the students he advised to develop the skills set of effectiveness, collaboration, tactfulness, leadership, creativity and effective communication. He gave the COSMOS framework of wheel of life for time management. He elaborated the virtues of a victor as visualization, creativity and oration. Over 150 students attended the workshop. Thanking the speaker for his excellent presentation, Dr. Sehijpal Singh, Principal,GNDEC, advised the students to imbibe the advice given by expert to become global citizens and effective leaders.