GNDEC offers cutting edge technology programs

There is need to take pro-active steps to enhance the employability of engineering graduates in the country. Over the years, the trend indicates that engineering graduates are less inclined towards doing jobs in industry. On the other hand industry also claims that engineering graduates are not equipped with required skills as per the need of market.  The industries however need technocrats with desired skills and competencies in the dynamic environment with modern expectations of the consumers. Focusing on this issue, Guru Nanak Dev Engg. College (GNDEC) has taken an innovative step towards providing short duration courses in emerging fields of engineering and technology. The initiative has been taken in line with UGC guidelines. Being autonomous institution, GNDEC has liberty to start need based courses in the emerging and trust areas. The Academic Council and Board of Governors of GNDEC have recently given the approval to start seven courses under various stream of engineering.  Prominent fields that have been selected include Smart Manufacturing, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Electrical vehicles, Industrial safety, VLSI, Project management and Concrete technology. These programs are of one year duration and after successful completion, Post graduate Diploma (PGD) will be awarded. However the option of getting certificate course after one semester shall also be available. Elaborating the mandate of these upcoming courses, Principal Sehijpal Singh said that these courses will orient the graduates towards upcoming trends of engineering and technology and make them capable and ready for industry jobs. The curriculum of these courses has been made project oriented in close coordination the relevant industries. The admission to these courses is being started from the current session.