The construction industry is one that has  suffered a huge impact of Covid-19 pandemic. Although, activities are likely to continue for short-term, the work is expected to halt soon with various factors including supply chains disruption, shortage of sub contractors and materials, and termination contracts, altogether initiating a new challenge. 

Keeping in view the above scenario, GNDEC-School of Architecture (GSoA), in association with IIA Ludhiana Centre organized an ‘OPEN HOUSE DISCUSSION’ online on ” EFFECTS OF LOCKDOWN ON ARCHITECTURE PROFESSION “

IIA-Ludhiana Centre team came forward with pragmatic approach to deal with present day affairs.Ar.Sanjay Goel- Chairman-IIA Punjab Chapter and one of the directors of Ludhiana Smart City Project was the lead speaker on the occasion. Ar. Surinder Bahga-Former Chairman-IIA Punjab Chapter, Ar.Yogesh Singla- Chairman IIA Ludhiana Centre graced the platform online by highlighting crucial details like health & safety, encompassing technology in construction arenas & recovery of construction and trades post Covid-19. They laid emphasis on prefabrication as a next phase in construction which keeps safety of contractors, labour’s & professionals in mind.Dr. H.S Rai – H.O.D Civil Deptt, GNDEC stated the usage of e-telecommunication tools have proved to be a light of hope in these dark times. These technological advances have not only maintained a workflow in organizations but also helped the individuals to push their limits.

Dr.Prabhjot Kaur-Director, Architecture College Mohali, perceived this sitch as an opportunity to adapt to the changing realities and quoted it as a best time to indianize the architecture education.Expert inputs were also given by Ar.Rajan Tangri, Ar. Balbir Bagga, Ar. Dinesh Bhagat, Ar.Rajinder Sandhu, Ar. PPS Ahluwalia, Ar.Puneet Sethi, Ar. Shammit Manchanda, Ar. Nagendra Narayan, Ar. Shubham Poply, Ar. Vikas Sharma, Ar. Ripudaman Singh, Ar. Khushboo, Ar. Ravinder Singh and many more.

Ar. Rajan Tangri-Joint Honorary Sec. at IIALC organised the webinar.Ar.Bimaldeep Singh- Press Sec. IIALC, raised significant concern that required immediate and robust responses.Ar.Vivek Sehgal – H.O.D, GSoA discussed sustaining the energy and spark in the participants till the closing of the session. All the queries were taken care of by him. 

Dr. Sehijpal Singh, Principal GNDEC applauded the joint move of GSoA and IIA for highlighting an important and relevant issue for the industry.