One weeks National Level AICTE and IKGPTU sponsored FDP commences in the department of Information Technology , GNDEC, Ludhiana.

The FDP which addressed the topic Recent Trends in Image Processing Techniques was organized by the department of Information Technology , GNDEC, Ludhiana is scheduled from 30th December 2019 to 3rd January 2020 and the course contents bring about the state-of-the-art imaging analysis.The main attributes of the course aim at introducing the participants with diverse strategies of image processing techniques, interactive tools, Ethics in learning and Tools related to Data Visualization in imaging. The participants are also expected to understand, apply and analyze image processing techniques with the help of latest software techniques like MATLAB, ORNAGE, WEKA .The major attraction of the program is the hands-on practice on MATLAB, ORANGE and WEKA  during the course which enhances the exquisiteness of the course.Participants from more than 20 colleges of Punjab and other states have been enrolled.

Dr. Sehijpal Singh, Principal GNDEC said that image processing techniques and their tools are widely used by researchers of diverse domain. The participants are really going to gain good knowledge from experts in this FDP.  Dr. Akshay Girdhar  and Dr. Amit Kamra Coordinator of Course highlighted that  the FDP is going to equip the participants about the effortless techniques that can be applied for image processing . Dr. Kiran Jyoti HOD(IT)  said that they are thankful to AICTE and IKGPTU Jalandhar for providing them the opportunity to conduct this course.

Experts from across the nation have been invited to present a profound insight to the topic of image Processing and make participants comfortable with tools like image Processing  on concluding.